We have optimal solutions

We want to understand your needs and offer an optimal solution to help you achieve your goals.

Solution design

We specialise in individual conveyor system designs to meet your needs. We know very well that each project is unique and there is no universal solution.

Turnkey solutions

We will prepare a comprehensive turnkey solution for you from design to implementation.


An integral part of our services is providing warranty and post-warranty service, regular inspections and technical equipment repairs in our customers’ operations facilities.

About us

REMET TECHNIK s.r.o. was founded in 2008, following in the activities of its founder, Ing. Petr Vyskočil, an entrepreneur under the REMET brand since 1990. The company continues the family tradition and REMET TECHNIK is now led by the founder’s sons, Jan and Tomáš Vyskočil.

Initially, REMET TECHNIK s.r.o. focused only on the production of components for orthopedic prosthetics, the production of special crutches and walking sticks, with the main material processed being duralumin. In 2016, a new division of CONVEYOR SYSTEMS was established, which specialises in the design, production and assembly of conveyors.

Telescopic conveyors

Telescopic conveyors are special conveyors that allows the boom to be extended directly into a semi-trailer or a container. Therefore, the operator can place or remove consignments (parcels) directly from the conveyor belt in the loading area to significantly speed up the entire unloading and loading process. Telescopic conveyors come with different extension widths and lengths and can be equipped with a hydraulic tilt adjustment.

Belt and roller conveyors

Belt and roller conveyors are the most widespread conveyor systems for a smooth transport of material or goods in various operations.

Special conveyor equipment

Conveyor equipment for overall streamlining and automation of logistics operations.

Satisfied customers are our top priority. We provide our partners with comprehensive customer support when designing a solution to meet all their requirements. We believe that a satisfied customer will come back!

Our projects


Complete design and delivery of a turnkey sorting conveyor system for a distribution centre.


Fully automatic sorting line with sorters for sorting and picking consignments of various sizes according to client’s requirements.

Line capacity 2,000 consignments/hour, automatic sorting up to 180 different outputs.


Our conveyor systems are designed taking their durability and minimal maintenance into account. The standard service life of our systems is usually 10 to 15 years, but their service life can be extended with regular maintenance and proper care.

Telescopic conveyors allow the boom to extend up to the loading compartment of a truck or a container. Therefore, the operator can place or remove consignments (parcels) directly from the conveyor in the loading area to significantly speed-up the entire loading and unloading process.

Since we are sure of their quality, we provide a warranty period of up to 5 years for BUDDE telescopic conveyors.

Conveyor systems require regular maintenance to ensure long service life. Regular inspection, lubrication and cleaning is essential. Please refer to our operating manual for detailed maintenance information. We recommend carrying out a regular inspection and conveyor adjustment once or twice a year according to the type of operation and technology load.

We provide our customers with comprehensive customer support and service. You can contact us at any time for technical information, on maintenance or service.

Our customers